hallo ,welkom op mijn memeber page.
nou ik ben c cheetos irl ben ik chester ik speel nu
ongeveer een jaar of 2 runescape.
goed dan nu wat je hier kunt vinden, hier vindt je:

-hoe je je clearance lvl hoger krijgt (je hebt het nodig
met clearance lvl )
-alles over craften in f2p en p2p
-(more coming up)

-hoe je je clearance lvl hoger krijgt:

nou heel simpel er zijn 2 manieren:
1. vanaf hitpoint lvl 44 ga je om de 2 hitpoint lvl's
0,1 clearance level omhoog

2. badges in leverren en posten op het forum

en als je clearance lvl 2 bent kun je fijn een eigen mooie member page maken =)

-alles over craften in f2p en p2p (het is in het engels voor de internationale leden :P)

Crafting is rumoured to be a slow, useless and boring skill, but once you get into it there's lots to do! You can make everything from pots for collecting flour to dragonhide armour for rangers. Crafting can be found all over the Runescape world: the amulets people wear, the vials used in herblore and the Mystic Staves used by Magicians in battle. These items are all made by crafting.
Low level crafting involves pottery. You can make pie dishes, pots and bowls for cooking, plant pots for farming, and pot lids for training or for quests. To make these items you will need to mine some clay. Once you have your clay:
· Use some water on it. You can get water by using a bucket or jug on a sink, fountain or well. Once you have used your water on the clay, you should have something called soft clay.
· Go to a potter's wheel (located in the Barbarian Village, the Crafting guild, Ardougne, and Rellekka). Use your soft clay on the wheel and make a pot, pie dish, bowl, plant pot or pot lid.
· Now heat your unfired object in a pottery oven. Use your unfired item on the oven, and hope it doesn't crack while it's in there.
Note: The higher your crafting level is, the less the chance you have of failing when making pottery.

*You will need to have started the One Small Favour quest to make pot lids.

You can also get crafting exp from dyeing capes. You can get dyes from Aggie in Draynor Village. Go there and ask her about the colour you need. She will tell you what items are required and her fee. When you have the dye you need, use it on a black cape (get these from killing highwaymen), or on a red cape which you can get from the clothes shop in Varrock. Members can also go to the dyer in the northeast corner of Pollnivneach, or purchase ready-made dyes from the shop in Lletya.
Colour___Exp.gained______How to get
Red______2.5______To make red dye, you will need 3 redberries. These can be collected southeast of Varrock, in the woods east of the Stonehenge there there are two spawns.
Yellow___2.5______To make yellow dye, you will need 2 onions. These can be found in a patch just west of the Rimmington mines.
Blue_____2.5______To make blue dye, you will need 2 woad leaves. Woad leaves are available from Wyson the gardener, who can be found in the garden north of the Eastern Falador Bank. If you offer him 20 gp for one, he will give you two for your generosity, otherwise you will have to pay 15gp apiece. Woad leaves can also be grown using the Farming skill.
Pink_____2.5______After completing The Hand in the Sand quest, pink dye can be bought from Betty in Port Sarim.
Orange___2.5______To make orange dye, simply use red dye with yellow dye.
Purple___2.5______To make purple dye, simply use red dye with blue dye. Members can also pick up purple dye from the spawn northwest of the Clock Tower.
Green____2.5______To make green dye, simply use blue dye with yellow dye.

You will notice the 'spinning wheel' icon on the world map. These are locations where you can use a spinning wheel. You can spin:
· Wool
Use some 'shears' (buyable from General Stores) with a sheep to obtain some wool. Spinning the wool will give you a ball of wool, which is used like string. This gives 2.5 exp in crafting.
· Flax
Pick some flax (a plant) from the field south of Seer's village, in the Gnome's stronghold or in the Elf village of Lletya. Spinning flax makes bowstrings which you can use in Fletching. This gives 15 exp in crafting and requires a level of 10.
· Magic Tree Root
Obtainable when digging up a Magic tree stump, requires 70 Farming to obtain. Used in stringing Amulets of Nature. This gives 30 exp in crafting and requires a level of 19.

Leather Work
There are 2 types of leather: normal leather and hard leather. Hard leather needs a better crafting level to make and gives better protection. To start you will have to kill some cows to get their hides. The best places to do this are either in Lumbridge or next to the Crafting guild. Once you have all the hides you want, go to a Tanner to have your hides made into pieces of leather. Tanners can be found in:
· Crafting guild
· Al-Kharid
· Ranged guild
· Canifis
However, they will charge for their services:
· Normal Leather costs 1gp per hide to be tanned.
· Hard Leather costs 3gp per hide to be tanned.
You should now have your leather. Go to a crafting shop (in Rimmington or Al-Kharid) to buy some needles and some thread. Use your leather on either of them, and make what you want. If you want to make studded leather you'll have to smith some steel studs and use them on the soft leather armour or chaps you have made.

Leather Body________________14_______25
Hard Leather Body___________28_______35
Studded Leather Body________41_______40+25
Studded Leather Chaps_______44_______42+27

Gold Jewellery
There are three types of items you can craft with gold to make jewellery:
· Rings - which you can enchant with magic to give them special powers.
· Necklaces - which can be worn around your neck.
· Amulets - which can also be enchanted for special powers.
These items can be made from gold alone, but a gem is usually included (and the gold-only items cannot be enchanted). Gems can be obtained from rocks or as monster drops. Check our Mining guide for more information. Use a chisel (buyable from General Stores) on your gem to receive a cut gem that's ready for use in jewellery. Mine some gold and then smelt it in a furnace so you get a bar. Now you're ready to make jewellery!

Go to the crafting shop in Rimmington or Al-Kharid and buy a 'mould'. If you're going to make a ring, then of course you'll need to buy a ring mould, if it's a necklace, buy a necklace mould and so on. You can also get the moulds in the Crafting Guild if you're level 40 crafting or above. Once you have the mould you want, go to the furnace and use your gold bar on it. A menu will come up with the different items you can choose to make.
Note: You can also craft gold jewellery without gems in them, however, this is a waste of exp. You'd be better off crafting silver if you don't use gems with your gold bars.
Gold Jewellery

The members only Dragonstone gem is obtainable from the Crystal chest in Taverly. This chest is located in the house south of the main road (south of the witch's house). To open this chest you must have the Crystal key. This key is combined from the 'teeth half' and the 'loop half' keys, which are both rare drops from many monsters. You can also obtain Dragonstones as rare drops from monsters, see our Bestiary for more info. Amulets need to be 'strung' with a string (ball of wool) before they can be enchanted or worn.
The members only Onyx gem is obtained by collecting 300,000 Tokkul and buying it in the Tzhaar Gem and Ore shop.
You can enchant jewellery to give it special powers. To enchant gold rings or amulets, you'll need the required magic level. See our Magic Guide for more information on the levels and rune requirements. It's quite simple, just click on the spell, and cast it on the item of jewellery. For example, if you have an emerald ring, you'll need to cast the spell called "Enchant Level 2 Jewellery" since emerald is the second gem, etc. Only strung amulets can be enchanted.
Name Name After Magic Level needed Effect
Sapphire Ring Ring of Recoil 7 Casts 10% of the damage done on the wearer back on the attacker. Used up after 40 damage is casted back.
Emerald Ring Ring of Dueling 27 Teleports you to the Dueling Arena or to Castle Wars. 8 uses.
Ruby Ring Ring of Forging 49 100% success rate when smelting iron ores. 140 uses.
Diamond Ring Ring of Life 57 If the wearer falls below 10% in hit points, he's automatically teleported back to Lumbridge. Won't protect wearer if enemy can hit more than 10% of hit points! 1 use.
Dragonstone Ring Ring of Wealth 68 Greater chance (approx 20% more) of getting rare item drops when killing monsters.
Onyx Ring Ring of Stone 87 Turns the wearer into a rock that resembles a minable rock with no Ore in it. This has no purpose other than than looks. Being a rock does not protect you from any damage, and you are still visible on the minimap.
Sapphire Necklace Games Necklace Teleports you to the Games Room lobby 8 uses.
Emerald Necklace Necklace Of Binding Allows you a 100% success rate when combining runes. 15 uses.
Sapphire Amulet Amulet of Magic 7 +10 Magic Attack Bonus
Emerald Amulet Amulet of Defence 27 +7 in all Defence Bonuses
Ruby Amulet Amulet of Strength 49 +10 Strength Bonus
Diamond Amulet Amulet of Power 57 +6 in all Attack and Defence Bonuses, +6 Strength Bonus, +1 Prayer Bonus
Dragonstone Amulet Amulet of Glory 68 +10 in all Attack Bonuses, +3 in all Defence Bonuses, +6 Strength Bonus, +3 Prayer Bonus.
Onyx Amulet Amulet of Fury 87 +10 in all Attack Bonuses, +15 in all Defence Bonuses, +8 Strength Bonus, +5 Prayer Bonus.

Emerald Amulet Amulet of Nature 27 Made from stringing an emerald amulet with a spun magic root. Can be bound to a farming patch to notify if a patch has become diseased or fully grown.

Silver is considered to be very fast experience, and therefore silver ores and bars are valuable. With silver you can make several different items, some related to quests: holy symbols, unholy symbols (Observatory quest); sickles (Nature Spirit quest), tiaras (for runecrafting or just looks), lightning rods (Creature of Fenkenstrain quest), demonic sigils (Shadow of the Storm quest), or silvthrill rods (In Aid of the Myreque quest). Only holy symbols and tiaras are F2P; the rest are members only. To get the mould for the unholy symbol, just complete the Observatory quest and talk with the Spirit of Scorpius north of the Observatory at the little graveyard. You can also get the mould as a drop from Chaos Druids and Chaos Druid Warriors. You will need to string your symbol with string (ball of wool) before you can wear it. The process goes like this:
· Mine your Silver Ore.
· Smelt it in a furnace to receive a Silver Bar.
· Use your bar with the furnace, while holding your mould in your inventory, to make your item.
· If you made a symbol, you might want to string it (use a ball of wool on it).

Silver Crafting:

* Silvthrill rod requires a mithril bar and cut sapphire in addition to a silver bar.
You can get your symbols blessed so that they give you bonuses shown in the table below. To bless the holy symbols, you'll need to go to a monk of Saradomin - Brother Jered who is located upstairs in the Monastery (you need level 31 prayer to enter). Ask him what a young adventurer like you can do to help himself. For the Unholy Symbol of Zamorak, you have to ask the Spirit of Scorpius. He is located in the little graveyard north of the observatory. Tell him you have come to seek his blessing, and he will bless your unholy symbol.
Alternatively, players with level 50 Prayer can use 'Prayer Books' to bless symbols. Guthix and Saradomin Prayer books can enchant Holy Symbols. Guthix and Zamorak Prayer books can enchant Unholy Symbols.
Enchanting Symbols

Glass (Members only)
In crafting you can also make glass items. Below are some items involved in glass making:
Glassblowing pipe Can be found on the island of Entrana, in the house a little northeast of the herblore shop. There is also a spawn in a building in Hemenster east of the fishing guild.
Bucket Buyable from any general store.
Seaweed Found on Entrana (8 spawns), Shilo Village (3 spawns) and is a rock crab drop. Can also be fished with a big net.
Molten Glass You'll craft this before making an item, details below.
· "Cook" your seaweed on a range or fire to get some soda ash.
· Use a bucket on a sand pit to get a bucket of sand. Pits are found in Entrana, Yanille, Rellekka, and the Lost City.
· Use the soda ash and your bucket of sand on a furnace to get Molten Glass. You'll get 20 crafting exp.
· Use your glassblowing pipe on the molten glass to make the item of your choice.
Players who complete the Hand in the Sand quest can talk to Bert daily for bank delivery of 84 buckets of sand.

Glass Items:

Beer Glass________1_________17.5
Candle Lantern____4_________19.5
Oil Lamp__________12________25
Fish Bowl_________42________42.5
Unpowered Orb_____46________52.5
Lantern Lens______49________55

Some of the glass items in the table above are involved in making Lanterns. These act as a safe light source by not leaving your flame exposed.

Snail Shell Helmets - Snelms (Members only)
After completing the Priest in Peril quest, and at least starting the Nature Spirit quest, you'll have access to the Mort Myre Swamps. Here you can find Blamish Snails. There are 5 different types, and when killed, they drop their shells. When you use your trusty chisel on these, they'll be made into snelms. You'll get 32.5 experience per snelm you cut. This takes a Crafting level of 15.

Shilo Gems (Members only)
To get the Shilo gems you need have have completed the Shilo Village quest, and thereby gain access to Shilo Village. The gem rocks can be found in the northwest corner of the village. There you'll be able to mine all the normal gems, and three special Shilo Village gems. These gems can also be obtained from H.A.M members. Currently only the Opal gems have a use - after cutting, they can be cut again to make opal bolt tips for a few xp. The tips can be attached to crossbow bolts using the Fletching skill.

Shilo Village Gems:
Name______Level to cut______Exp. to cut
Red Topaz _____16________________25

Staves (Members only Battlestaves and Mystic Staves)
Battlestaves and Mystic Staves can be wielded as weapons, just like normal battleaxes or longswords.
To make an elemental battlestaff you will need:
· An unpowered orb (check glass section for more info)
· 3 cosmic runes
· 30 basic runes of the kind you want the staff to be
· A battlestaff (bought in the staff shop in Varrock or the Magic Guild for 7000gp)
Crafting elemental battlestaves requires very high skills, not only in crafting itself, but also in magic and combat. If you have the right levels to make a battlestaff, you'll need to find the right obelisk. If you want to make a Water battlestaff, then you'll have to go to the water obelisk and so on. Here are the locations of the four different obelisks:
· Water: Taverly members dungeon, past the black dragons, go up the ladder and you're there.
· Earth: Wilderness dungeon, past the black demons, go south, through the gate, and you should see the obelisk.
· Fire: Members dungeon, past the black dragons, and to the south.
· Air: Wilderness dungeon, past black demons, go north and up the ladder.
Once you're at the obelisk you need, cast the charge orb spell on it, and your unpowered orb will be turned into a powered orb. Get a battlestaff and use the orb on it. The elemental battlestaff will have slightly improved stats over the plain battlestaff, and also serves as an unlimited supply of that elemental rune when wielded.
Elemental Battlestaves

Name___________Magic Level___Crafting Level___Crafting Exp.
Water Battlestaff__56___________54_______________100
Earth Battlestaff__60___________58______________112.5
Fire Battlestaff___63___________62_______________125
Air Battlestaff____66___________66______________137.5

The Crafting experience listed does not include making the orb (see glass).
However, to make an elemental battlestaff into a Mystic staff you have to take it to Thormac the Sorceror in his tower just west of Catherby. If you have completed the Scorpion Catcher quest, he will enchant it for a fee of 40,000gp. You've now got one of the best magic weapons in the game.

Dragonhides (Members only)
To make dragonhide armour, first you'll need to slay some dragons (or buy some hides). There are 4 different colours of these; green, blue, red and black.

Green Dragons_____79
Blue Dragons______111
Red Dragons_______156
Black Dragons_____227

These dragons all drop one hide each when you kill them. When you have the hides, go to a tanner (in Al-Kharid, crafting guild, range guild, and Canifis) and get them tanned into dragon leather. This will cost you 20gp per hide (Canifis costs more).
Once you have the dragon leather, go get your needle and thread. Just like normal leather crafting, use the needle or thread on the dragon leather and select what you want to make. See the table below for exact details:
Dragon Leather.

Limestone (Members Only)
Limestone is used in various quests, most noteably in the Shades of Mort'ton Quest. Limestone is mineable and gives 26.5 experience per block mined. Once you have mined a block of Limestone, you may then use your chisel on it for 6.5 Crafting experience. The resulting Limestone bricks are also used in Construction.

Snakeskin Armour
Snakeskin ranging armour looks like camouflage, but otherwise isn't remarkable (level 30 to wear, and requires TONS of snakeskins to make). However, the boots offer players an affordable alternative to Ranging boots obtainable from Treasure Trails.
Snakeskins are obtained in the Tai Bwo Wannai Clean Up minigame or in the Temple Trekking minigame. To make the new snakeskin armour, the snakeskins must be tanned (in Al Kharid) for 15 gp each. Then use a Needle and Thread on a snakeskin to craft the armour.
Snakeskin Armour

Weaving (Members Only)
Weaving is a useful part of the Crafting skill. Several helpful things can be crafted using the Loom, which can be found in the Farm house south of Falador and West of Draynor. Another loom can be found in the Elven camp in the northwest area of Tirannwn; this camp is also known as Lord Iowerth's camp.
Three things can be crafted using the looms. (Be aware that woven cloth cannot be used for Construction.)
Name_____Crafting Level_____Experience_______Materials
Cloth________-________________12_________4 Balls of Wool
Sack_________21______________37.5________4 Jute Fibres
Basket_______36_______________56_________6 Willow Branches

Workshop (Members Only)
Player-owned houses and the construction skill brought a new dimension to Crafting: the home Workshop. This room can be built in members' homes using the construction skill. Two areas in the workshop can be used to earn Crafting experience: the Crafting Table and the Heraldry area (pluming stand, shield easel, or banner easel). You can craft three different types of items in your own home workshop, or at a friend's. Items, materials, skill levels and required furniture are shown.
Clockwork Toys. The table below gives particulars for making clockwork, and using clockwork in toys. Lower level clockwork toys can be wound up and released. Be warned that any player can pick up your released toy and keep it! The clockwork cat only follows you as a live cat would. The clockwork mouse scurries around evading capture. You earn 15 agility xp each time you attempt to catch it. If you sic your live cat (from gertrude’s cat quest) on the clockwork mouse, and the cat catches it, that mouse is gone forever.

Existing Items. Some unexpected items can now be manufactured at the home crafting table. The toy horseys sold by Diango in Draynor Village can now easily be crafted by a novice. Players can choose which colour horsey they wish to craft. The toy horseys function normally, and can be sold or traded to other players. A sextant and a watch, usually obtained from Murphy and Brother Kojo for Treasure Trails, can also be manufactured. They remain untradeable, but crafting makes it handy to keep backups in your bank.
Additional Crafting Table Items

Heraldry. At Heraldry stations, players can paint their family crest colours on steel or rune full helms and kiteshields. Once painted, these items are untradeable. The item cannot be re-painted, and the paint cannot be removed. The banner easel allows players to create a wieldable banner displaying their family crest colours. For additional information on family crests, including the wide variety of colour schemes and how to obtain the one you want, refer to the Construction Beginner's Guide.

Name______Crafting Level _Experience______Materials needed
-Full helm______38 __________37_____1 steel or rune full helm
-Kiteshield_____43__________40_____1 steel or rune kiteshield
-Banner_________48 __________42_________1 plank, 1 cloth

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