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New beginnings in a new land


Here I am. A freshly made character just getting off the rowboat from Tutorial Island. The damn sailor didn’t know how to sail us back to Asgarnia, and now I’m stranded here in Misthalin with nothing but a Bronze Dagger and a Wooden Shield. The runes given to me by the wizard were just used for killing this Goblin that attacked me with his elongated weapon. I walk back to the castle main grounds in search of some food from the Lumbridge Castle’s kitchen. A young lad had just wandered up next to me along with some of his friends. The young man whose name I did not know suddenly spoke. "Hey, would like you to come to our drop party, free of charge and you don’t have to drop anything!". By now, I was so desperate for some food, or even some cash to buy some food. "Sure," I replied, "I guess I can go with you". The young man was elated. "Great!, just follow me, I guarentee you you’ll have a good time".

I followed the lad for several hours, not knowing where we were going. Night was falling rapidly upon the land. Suddenly the lad quipped, "We are going to Falador, home of the White Knights and the famous Falador Gardens, where infact we are holding this drop party". I had a reason now to believe this lad. If he would take me of all people to Falador of all places, then he was trustable. I slept restlessly that night, dreaming of rune plates, and rune swords being dropped and those swords being used for completing my mercenary duties. I also dreamt of Redberry Pies. Mmm Redberry Pies. I drooled over the makeshift pillow made up of sheeps’ wool and straw.

Dawn broke and the young lad, whose name I STILL did not know, woke us up. "We will complete this trip to Falador by nightfall, our drop party is tomorrow, I will be picking our drops up at the bank when we reach it this evening." Hours and hours passed as we treaded gregariously to Falador. Dusk was settling in when I finally saw it. For the first time in my young life, I saw the most beautiful sight in all of Runescape. It was the Falador skyline. I jumped up and down excitedly and shouted "There it is! There it is! It’s the Falador Ca..." "Yes its beautiful isn’t it, Now give me your money!". I looked behind us and saw the most intimidating figure I’ve ever seen. Standing about six foot three and weighing around two hundred and eighty five pounds of pure muscle I saw him. The most well known bandit in all of Runescape; Rick Turpentine.

"I said give me your money!" I cowered in front of the beast. I was scared, on the verge of wetting myself. My knees were trembling. Then all of a sudden a flash of light appeared. I shielded my eyes from it. The next thing I know, I see an emerald in Rick’s hand. "Here you go sir, this is yours, I’m sorry for making you almost wet yourself" I took the emerald from his palm and looked at its beauty and grace. "You may pass stranger, you and your party can roam this town freely, have a nice day." I looked around and then looked at the party. I had noticed the young lad polishing his staff with a rag. "What the hell was that" I said. "That was enfeeble, a powerful mind changing spell. It did you wonders didn’t it? Oh and you owe me one". I looked at the lad, and looked at the party. "However can I repay you good sir?" I kneeled down in front of him, and he laughed. "First of all you don’t have to call me sir, and second of all you don’t have to kneel." I looked at him quizzically and he smiled. "Come lad, come hither party. We should be getting to Falador and hitting the bank."

Into Falador

A few moments later, the skyline became more defined. Suddenly, as if out of nowhere, the young lad announced our arrival. "We have arrived, now we must hastily run to the bank before it closes, come hither party!" We sprinted from the town entrance to the nearest bank in the bustling city. While sprinting I noticed a few things, a lot of makeshift stalls have been put up for trade. And then I smelt it. The Redberry pie from my dreams! "Uhh, you guys go ahead, I’ll be right here!" "Ok you, stay right there! We will be a moment" the young lad said. I walked around the stalls for a few moments, noticing the vast amount of items available. "GET YOUR REDBERRY PIES HERE!" a dwarven vendor shouted. I immediately made haste to his stall. "Hullo there young lad, can I help you?" the gracious dwarf said. "I would like one Redberry pie please" I replied. "That’ll be 20gp good sirrah.” I looked around in my satchel. "I have 3gp, and this ball of wool." I presented him the ball of wool and he scoffed. "Sorry sirrah, that will not do, please leave before I call the guards." I literally cried, tears welled up in my face. "Please sir, I am desperate for food, I must have the pie or I will starve! Please!" Suddenly I felt a hand on my shoulder. "Here’s your 20gp, give this young kid a Redberry pie." I looked around and noticed the young lad was back and his satchel was filled to the brim with rune swords and armour. I looked at the rest of the party and their packs were each filled to the brim with runes and coins and potions. "How...How can I repay you, that’s twice you’ve saved my life!" I asked him. "Ok would you like to help me with this party then, help me drop these items in the gardens tomorrow at noon" the young lad said. "Without a doubt sir!" I replied. The young lad, myself, and the rest of the party made haste to the nearest inn.

The day of the party

Morning arrived. After a basic meal of porridge and toast, we made our way hastily to the area around Falador Gardens. The young lad spoke to the whole party. "Today, ladies and gentlemen, we are going to drop EVERYTHING in our sacks that I’ve provided you. Today you will be generous to all of Runescape, and your name will be forever etched in the history of Asgarnia as a helper to holding the best drop party Runescape has ever seen. Your objective is to get as many people as you can to attend the party. And you...," he pointed to me, "You will be my personal assistant, you will help me drop everything in my pack, you will be graciously rewarded for this effort too" "Yes Sir!" I replied, not wanting to seem like a blundering fool standing around doing nothing.

A few hours passed. Guests poured in by the hundreds. Some of the best warriors and mages that Runescape has ever seen were there. Party hats on top of famous heads. Rune clad warriors known throughout the lands arrived to see what was being dropped. Even the bunny himself appeared in his Bunny Ears and Pink Gnome Robes arrived. I was easily intimidated by this humungous throng of fame here at the party. The young lad quipped "Kid, don’t fear these soldiers, because underneath that rune armour and those battle scars, is a heart of pure gold". I brightened up; this day was going to look good after all!

Then it started. The first drop of a rune sword was dropped in the centre of the garden. Everyone dived for it, but a lucky kid clad in Iron and Mithril grabbed it before anyone could. The young lad gave me a set of Rune Platelegs. "Drop these over in the corner there." He pointed to the corner near the gardener who was aimlessly wandering around. I ran over to the corner and hid the Rune Platelegs. One of the people in the party hats found me and shouted above the crowd, "EVERYONE HE DROPPED RUNE PLATELEGS IN THE CORNER!" I blushed furiously and ran away. After a minute passed I looked back at the sight of the Platelegs and saw a huge blue ball engulf the legs. "What the hell was that?" A nearby mage laughed at me. "That young sir is called Telekenetic Grab, it sends a ball of blue matter and returns the encased item back to the caster. A warrior held in his hands the very set of legs I had dropped. My jaw dropped; I had never seen such a thing like that.

Hours passed. We all drank beer and ate our Redberry pies (Yum!) amongst other Asgarnian delicacies. All of the drops were dropped and the potions drunk and banked. Graciously the young lad I met bowed each of the guests out of the garden and thanked them for coming and hoped they had gotten a good item. After everyone had left for the night, the young lad called my name and beckoned me over to him. "Young kid, you have seen the land and the founders of the land, you have seen Asargnias famous mages, and Aisthalins most ferocious warriors, I wish to thank you for your help." He reached into his pocket and found what he was looking for. "This sir is for you." I took a look at what was in his hand.

It looked like a gem of some sorts but it had a string attached to it. "This is called an Amulet of glory, when charged, it will teleport the user to a select location." "Wow...." is all I could manage out of my mouth. "Don’t thank me," the young lad said "Without your gracious efforts and your hard work, this would not have happened, thank you young kid, now I must be off. However I will remember your name from now on good kid, as a kind hearted soul who would help anyone like you helped me." And with that he teleported out of the garden. "Wait...What’s your name?" but it was too late, he was gone. I looked at the amulet, and flipped it around looking at it carefully. Engraved in the amulet was the phrase "Do unto others, as you would do unto you." That night, I dreamt restlessly and replayed the party in my head. Dreamt about everything that happened, and dreamt more about my first few exciting days in these lands.

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