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RuneHQ komt terug!!

RuneHQ komt door wat snelle donaties waarschijnlijk weer gewoon online, hier 't nieuwste nieuws van hun site:
RuneHQ latest news:
Tuesday, Mar 01, 2005 News ID: 00237
I just wanted to let all of the donators know that I have just gotten around to sending out thank you emails for the past 5-7 days of donations.

Although money isn't a big factor as in why MrStormy and I are wanting to find new management to take over the site, this will help continue to keep the server up until we can find someone to take it over.

Thank you for your donations. They will keep the server going and I'm sure the rest of the RuneHQ users are very grateful also.

If you didn't receive an email or I didn't ask for you to reply with your forum username, please email me at lisa@runehq.com and I'll look into it. There were a lot of donations so I may have skipped over a few by accident. All emails were sent out to the paypal email that you used for the donation, so check your junk mail folders if you don't have the runehq domain in your approval domains.

As for all of the management emails, MrStormy has been reading them whenever he gets a chance and will reply as soon as he can. Please remember that he does work a full time job and does have to spend a little bit of time with me, as I am his wife or else I'll kick his butt. He's gotten a lot of great emails. Thanks to everyone who is interested in helping!

Thanks again and Have a nice day!

RuneHQ is er dus gewoon weer!!


RuneHQ is tijdelijk terug!!

Er is een kleine kans dat RuneHQ, een van de meest geliefde RuneScape help pages, terug komt.
Hier weer een citaat van hun site:

RuneHQ latest news:
RuneHQ is back up temporarily for now
Friday, Feb 25, 2005 News ID: 00234
First off, I have decided to put the site back on line while I look for someone to take over the site. I am hoping I can find someone suitable and keep the site up, but that still needs to be worked out. If I can find someone meeting my requirements, the site may be saved, but I am not hopeful at this point. If I don't find someone, then the site will be taken back off line eventually as I am not able to devote the time needed to keep it up. I have disabled new registrations for the time being. If we find some new management, this may be turned back on for new users to register.

For all of you asking, the answer is NO, you may NOT use any content from RuneHQ on your site. Doing so without permission is a copyright violation and we will not allow it. If we find our information on any site other than rsbandb.com, we will take action to get your site shut down! You may however copy the guides and other site information for personal use on your pc, but any attempt to put them on a web accessible site is NOT allowed.
Dus er is nog hoop, nu met zn alle zo hard mogelijk hopen en op de reclame banners van RuneHQ klikken zodat ze weer geld krijgen!!



RuneHQ gaat stoppen!!

Na veel donatie problemen is RuneHQ op zn einde gekomen, hier een citaat van hun site:

RuneHQ last news:
RuneHq has come to an end
Tuesday, Feb 22, 2005 News ID: 00233
Sorry to say folks, but the time for Runehq has ended.

We are sorry to do this but RuneHQ is shutting down effective immeadiately.

The site has turned into a constant source of stress and frustration for us. It has gotten too big and we cannot seem to find adequate help to maintain it.

Donations have trailed off and our ad clicks were down to 2 or 3 a day and not bringing in any revenue. This would make it hard on us to continue funding the site anyway.

We hope you all the best and hope you all luck with your Runescape endevors. We hope you find a good place to call home.

It was fun while it lasted, but sorry to say this is the end for RuneHQ.


Voor RuneHQ liefhebbers is hier een alternatieve site:
tip.it is er meestal net iets eerder bij met quest guides en is een goede informatie bron

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