niets is gratis hoor Hosted by soms blijf je beter waar je was geweest om te trainen (bij de giants ofzo) laat het een les zijn voor iedereen ;) Hosted by splinternieuw van den winkel *ff testeuhh* Hosted by *geen comentaar lijkt me grappig genoeg* :p Click to enlarge bij ons is het 10% korting bij aankoop van 5 dragon hallys Hosted by ------------------------------- $$$$$ $$$$$$ $ $ $$ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $$ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ [IMG][/IMG] wil je dit hebben volg de instructies Money Making Guide Disclaimer: This guide is for RuneHQ only you may copy and paste the guide for personal use any re-distribution of this guide, such as selling it, is in breach of Copyright laws and myself and the owners of RuneHQ will take action against you. In order to find what you're looking for i've set up a contents section, copy the section you want and hite ctrl + f and paste it into the find box Contents 1............ Introduction ------------------------------- 2............ Merchanting 2.1.......... Basic theory behind merchating 2.2.......... Psychology and its place in merchanting 2.3.......... What you need 2.4.......... Getting started 2.5.......... Times and Locations 2.6.......... Supply and Demand 2.7.......... Shops vs Street 2.8.......... Psychographics 2.9.......... Items without fluctuating prices 2.10........ Scammers 2.11........ Updates 2.12........ Rares ------------------------------- 3........... Skills 3.1......... Introduction 3.2......... Raw Materials 3.3......... Using Raw materials 3.4......... Woodcutting 3.5......... Mining 3.6......... Rune Crafting/Magic 3.7......... Prayer 3.8......... Combat 3.9......... Fishing 3.10....... Cooking 3.11....... Smithing 3.12....... Herblore 3.13....... Theiving 3.14....... Fletching/Range 3.15....... Slayer 3.16....... Crafting ------------------------------- 4........... Extra info 4.1......... FAQ 4.2......... Updated Info 4.3......... Authors Comments 4.4......... Credits 4.5......... Contact Details 1 Introduction I, Alex201285, am a well established player. I've been playing since 2002 and am coming up to my third year of runescape. Over these 3 years I've learnt a lot about the game of runescape and in particular Merchanting and how to make Money in general. I've been asked time and time again how to do it and my answer... Well it's not as simple as you think. So here is a guide to the skill of merchanting and making money. I'm not going to tell you exactly how to do it because everyone has their own preference and unique way of doing things however i can point you in the right direction and show you what to avoid and what is good. 2 Merchanting 2.1 Basic theory behind merchating Merchanting is very complicated to learn properly and even more difficult to master, it takes practice and with practice comes failure you have to be willing to accept defeat in order to learn from your mistakes don't just give up. The basic theory behind merchanting is to buy low and sell high, though true many cases don't use this theory alot of things you can merchant require skills e.g. buy 1k steel bars for 600k and smith them into 4k cannon balls and sell for 800k this is a different way of merchanting you don't buy low or sell high instead you use your skills in order to apadt a raw material into a higher selling product. Don't be fooled by these rich high level people, if you're not like them you WON'T be as rich as them. The majority of money comes from skills and luck, merchanting is a slower way of making money the only perk is in most cases it doesn't require any levels in any skill. 2.2 Psychology and its place in merchanting Merchanting is very much about 'Self fullfilling prophecy' and it revoles around your mind frame. What this basically means is if you avoid it and claim you can't do it then you will sub-conciously live up to that claim, so a negative attitude will only bring negative results. If you want do merchant well keep reading and follow the instructions if you chose not to then you may aswell not read on and carry on in runescape as you normally would. What are your doubts about merchating? Think to yourself: (every person reading this is different so i can't give a definative reason for you all) when you have your doubts about merchanting and your skills repeat to yourself or in your head that they're wrong and you CAN do it. Now take a deep breath and relax. Note: anyone who laughs at you for doing this is either a well established merchant and doesn't want you to be as good or better than them (these people are scum for laughing), or they're poor people who will never make money so once you're done mock them. Now you have the frame of mind for merchanting you may learn. 2.3 What you need Willpower - In order to succeed you need the willpower to keep going even when you think it isn't working. There is always someone, somewhere wanting to buy what YOU have regardless of what it is. Always remember that! Forums - Never rely on one medium to sell your item, like in the real world you need to advertise that your item is for sale. If people don't know who is going to buy it? When i'm merchanting i have RuneHQ forums open, i'm in game and i use the Runescape official forums post that you're selling on every forum you can think of and watch the threads but also keep an eye for people buying. Patience - You can't expect someone to buy your item immediatley, you really do need to wait it takes time to sell things. If you have no patience and aren't willing to change then Merchanting isn't for you. 2.4 Getting Started Before you even think about selling you're item you need to do research, prices change all the time so watch the forums and pay particular attention to what people are willing to offer and what the sale price is. Also it helps to stand in the big merchating worlds* and watch what people are selling for. If you're buying in order sell at a profit watch the prices again but it is essential that you sell every thing you buy on the same day, while you sleep or are away prices will change as do supply and demand and you may find that your item that that was highly desirable one day is regarded as trash the next. Always keep an eye on prices if the price on your item is lowering try to break even** and move on to something else. * merchant explained in 2.5 ** Break even - Making no profit or loss 2.5 Times and Locations In different locations, different items are in demand you need to become accustomed to who resides in each location in order to merchant your items at the maximum efficiency. Listed below are locations where there are alot of people normally and who they are, whats generally in demand* and what you can pick up cheap. During the course of the day different people come on at different times, in order to merchant properly you need to come on between the following times 5 pm - 12 pm GMT this is when most people are online and where you're most likely to find all your punters Format = Location - People - What sells good - What you can buy for cheap Al-Kharid Bank - Kaphlite fighters, Crafters, Smithers and Miners - Good Food, Prayer pots, Gems, Gold Bars, Ores and Hides Canfis Bank - Barrow Go-Ers, Slayer monster killers, shade killers - Food, Prayer pots - Granite Mauls, Abysall Whips Varrok East/West - Pkers, Essence miners, Smithers, Merchants - Food, Pots, Runes, Bars - Armour, Rune essence, Ammies Edgeville Bank - Pkers, High levels, Yew Cutters, Fletchers - Food, Pots, Weapons, Armour - Yew logs Draynor Bank - Willow cutters, Fishermen, Miners - Hatchets - Raw fish, Ores, Willow logs Catherby Bank - Fishers, Yew Cutters, flax pickers, cook's - Raw fish - Cooked fish, Yew logs, Raw fish Seers Bank - Fletchers, Yew cutters, Magic cutters, Maple cutters, Merchants - Logs, Flax, String - Logs, Flax, String (depending on the time of day) Ardounge Bank - Theives, Metal Dragon fighters, Fire giant fighters, Moss Giant Fighters, PKers - Food, Pots, arrows - Not alot Yannille Bank - High levels, Miners, Smithers, Essence miners - Bars - Runes, Ore Falador Bank - Smithers, Merchants, Miners - Coal, Mithril ore - Bars, coal, Mithril Note: please do not include world 1 varrok and world 2 Falador in these listings, these 2 worlds are merchant worlds and EVERYTHING is sold there. 2.6 Supply and Demand In order to merchant properly you have to know whats big in supply and whats big in demand, focus yourself on the demand side initially as you will be able to jack up the prices easily if you're the only seller around. To get an item in demand DON'T try world 2 or world 1 as that is where the demand is coming from, instead hop through thw others worlds checking the banks for people with them. When you're more experienced in merchanting you can watch what keeps changing from supply to demand, there are many items that do, buy them when they're in supply and selling them when they're in demand. 2.7 Shop vs Street As you've probably worked out prices differ from the shop to the street, many people make their living from buying from shops and selling at a higher price on the streets. Most of the shops that specialise in one thing are generally cheaper than street prices, e.g. the arrow shop in catherby. When bought in enough bulk they can fetch a high price. However on the flip side to this there are items that are cheaper from players such as armour, reason being is that players can make these items and therefore afford to lower the price. Format = Item - Store(s) Cheaper in stores Runes - Magicians guild, varrok rune shop, post sarim rune shop, monkey madness rune shop, mage arena (lvl 55 wild) Arrows - Varrok archery store, Catherby archery store, Range guild Gems - Ardounge gem shop, Al-Kharid Gem shop, Falador gem shop Vials of water - Ardounge general store, Shilo General store Halberds - Tyras camp in the forest of Isafdar Dragon Daggers - Zanaris dragon shop 2.8 Psychographics This is an important part of merchanting if you understand this then you'll seperate yourself from regular merchants to the elite few. The Psychographic of a player is their mind state depending where they are in the economy. They're generally split into 4 groups, Suceeder, Aspirers, Mainstreamers and Reformers. Succeeders - these people are at the top of the ladder they're rich high leveled and have a very high skill total, they're seen with all the best stuff and will most likely have a party hat or 12 - these folk are mainly interested in raw materials such as logs, ore, fish etc. Aspirers - one step down from the suceeders however they want to be a succeeder and probably will be in due time - they are the best people to target with treasure trail items, dragon armour, barrows armour and rares. Mainstreamers - these are the bulk of the players they range from low levels to even people my level, these guys live off the essentials of the game and seek to get better through hardwork and determination. They're willing to do almost anything if you grease their palm, these guys are more tools than targets for merchanting get them to do jobs for you it's the best thing. however they merchanting to them isn't that difficult they just require upgraded stuff such as rune or adamant armour, weapons and tools. Reformers - these people are a rare breed but good when found. You know, all that stuff in your bank that no one wears and you can't shift, these guys want it. Reformers take pride in subverting the social norm and as a result wear, buy and do things that the mass doesn't. 2.9 Items without fluctuating prices Many items such as rares, barrows armour, treasure trail items, rare weapons and dragon armour vary in price daily and it's difficult to predict what the price will be when you log on. However there are many items in the game that don't fluctuate in the same way because they're always in supply the list below gives a taster or items and their price range. If you're merchanting these try and buy for as low in the range as possible and sell for as high as possilble. Willow logs........ 20 - 50 each Maple logs......... 100 - 150 each Yew logs........... 250 - 350 each Magic Logs......... 1k - 1.1k each Iron ore............ 50 - 100 each Silver ore........... 50 - 200 each Coal............. 100 - 200 each Gold ore............. 100 - 250 each Mithril ore.......... 500 - 700 each Adamantite ore....... 2.5k - 3.5k each Runite ore........... 10k - 12.5k each Essence........ 20 - 40 each Air Runes...... 10 - 30 each Mind Runes..... 10 - 20 each Fire Runes..... 15 - 25 each Chaos Runes.... 100 - 200 each Nature Runes... 300 - 400 each Law Runes...... 300 - 1k each Death Runes.... 200 - 400 each Blood Runes......300 - 1k each Raw Tuna...... 50 - 100 each Raw Lobster... 100 - 200 each Raw Swordfish. 150 - 300 each Raw Shark..... 500 - 800 each Lobster....... 150 - 200 each Swordfish..... 200 - 400 each Shark......... 1k - 1.1k each Unids......... 1k - 3k each Guam.......... 100 - 300 each Marentill..... 400 - 700 each Tarromin...... 500 - 1k each Harralander... 1k - 1.1k each Ranarr weed... 3k - 5k each Irit Leaf..... 1.5k - 3k each Avantoe....... 1k - 2k each Kwuarm........ 3k - 4.5k each Cadantine..... 3k - 5k each Lantadyme..... 4k - 6k each Dwarf Weed.... 4k - 5k each Eye of newt... 50 - 200 each unicorn horn.. 400 - 800 each Limpwurt root. 500 - 1k each Spider eggs... 500 - 1k each Chocolate..... 400 - 800 each White Berries. 1k - 2k each Snape Grass... 300 - 700 each Mort Myre Fungi... 1k - 2k each Blue scales... 1k - 2k each Wine of Zamorak... 1k - 3k each Prayer pots... 3k - 5k each super Sets.... 5k - 10k each Anti fire pot...s 4k - 7k each Range pots.... 4k - 5k each Magic pots.... 8k - 10k each Yew Longs..... alch for 768 each Magic long.... alch for 1536 each Steel Arrows.. 30 - 40 each Mithril Arrows... 70 - 80 each Adamant Arrows... 100 - 200 each Rune arrows... 350 - 450 each Full Rune........180k - 220k a set Saphirre........... 200 - 500 each Emerald............ 500 - 1k each Ruby............... 1k - 3k each Diamond............ 5k - 7k each Feathers.......... 5 - 10 each And there are many more this is just a taster of whats out there. Note: if you have any prices of non-fluctuating items to put in the list submit them. 2.10 Scammers These sad folk are the bain of every merchants exsistance, they are the real "noobs" of runescape and sould be killed on the spot in the most painful and time consuming way possible. On a lighter note most of the scams people will try and pull on you, during a trade, are very basic here are a few to watch out for. I myself have fallen for each of these scams at one time during my runescape playing days, but i've only fallen for each one once because i learnt. Money Change How it works: you offer an item you're trying to sell, they offer the price you want... But wait there's more they also offer up a bunch of low value items whilst they are doing this they reduce the coins offered to 10% of the origial value e.g. 300k becomes 30,000, you then unknowingly click accept and you get scammed. How to beat it: as soon as they offer up another item even before they deduct money from the offer decline the trade and say "no items money only" or words to that extent and report them, they then will either log out or do the scam again for the 30 second snippet that jagex gets and you win and they get banned . Item Removal How it works: you're buying an item and someone trades you you offer the money you're willing to pay and then click accept, due to the processing speed of the servers they can remove the item and click accept quick enough to take it on to the next screen without you having to click accept again, you then go through the second screen as normal without realising and you get scammed. How to beat it: take you're time during every trade you do, especially on the second screen read what it says and if it's wrong decline report and try and force them to scam you again so you get them on the report snippet. Item Change How it works: if you're buying something like logs or bones, they offer up the amount of logs/bones and as you're offering money they switch it e.g. they trade 1000 yew logs for 1000 oak logs you being none the wiser accept and you get scammed. How to beat it: after you've offered you money hover the mouse cursor over the items offered and it's name will appear in the top left hand corner or alternatively look at it on the second screen and decline then report the culprit. 2 man Scam How it works: one person will be selling a useless item such as Hallow Reed or Pete's Candlestick for an overpriced mark say 100k and just off the screen there will e another person buying the very same item for 5-10 times greater than ther seller. You buy from the seller in hop of making a profit and they both mysteriously log out. and you're stuck with a useless item no one will buy. How to beat it: Simple method, don't be a sucker and just ignore them. They can't be reported but they'll like it if you point out that it's a scam or have one of these items and trade with the buyer. The main method though is ignore them. 2.11 Updates Just a bit of information really: on the weekly update all the shops in runescape restock to maximum stock levels so take the time when the update counter appears to head off to the mage guild or an archery store and buy as much as you can for shop price and sell on streets. 2.12 Rares Rares are difficult to predict what the prices are going to do daily, they generally go up but there are always price declines which occur when the prices are 2 high for regular people to aspire to and they go out of demand. Getting into the rares merchanting is very risky and i can't garentee you success due to rares being unpredictable. But there are 4 ways to merchant them: Price Raise For this you need to buy a rare item at the current price and try and sell it for more. Better ways to do this is to buy in game and sell on forums or visa versa, as the price on the forums are either ahead or behind the price in game. Under Price Buying This is buy far the hardest way to merchant rares for a start you have to buy below normal sales price, which is difficult seeing as 9/10 players selling them will be merchants like you once you have it you can undercut all merchants though and still make a profit. Stock Piling This is an easy one to do however rares being expensive it takes alot of spending power to be able to pull off. You have to buy several rares and sell them all together for a higher cost. The risk of this is you can disguise the cost of each rare in the total cost making it more appealing, at the same time it's easy to sell this way and is good for making a profit. Buy and Hold This method requires no merchant skills on your part just luck. You buy a rare and hold onto it for a week then sell when the prices have gone up. The down side to this is you could buy during a price decline and find that in a week the prices are lower. Remeber rares are risky buisness but by far the most profitable enter into this market with caution. 3 Skills 3.1 Introduction Merchanting will make you money however you'll find as you get better and better your skills will be the main source of income. People with High level skills are in the minority as a result their skills are worth more and thus make more money. Skills also grant you the ability to become more independant you'll find as you level in skills your out goings are less and less as you can do more and more things for yourself. I'm going to categorise the skills into 3 categories: Primary, Secondary and Tertiary. Listed with all the skills will be the main money makers that are drawn from that skill and their values. Primary Skills These are the basic skills that gather the raw materials, they are: Fishing Woodcutting Mining Secondary Skills These are the skills that use raw materials, they are: Firemaking Fletching Rune Crafting Smithing Cooking Tertiary Skills These are skills that don't collect raw materials nor use raw materials, they are: Magic Range Combat Prayer Herblore Theiving Agility Slayer 3.2 Raw Materials Raw materials are highly desired especially in bulk, the greater the bulk you have the higher you can charge e.g. 1k coal you'd get about 150 - 180 each, but 10k coal you will get 190 - 210 each, bulk is essential for upping the price of your raw material so the more work you to amplifies your income more than you would think. 3.3 Using Raw Materials You have a choice when you have your raw materials, you can either sell them or you can use them in order to, potentially, make more money*. Doing it this way will also grant you experience in secondary skills, also secondary skills tend to generate more money in the long term. e.g. Cutting yew logs you can get about 300 each for them where as if you cut then fletch into you yew longs you can sell for 400 each or alchemise for 768 each! 3.4 Woodcutting This is quite possibly the most favoured primary skill to make money off, as you only need it at level 60 to start making some serious money. To add to that it's quick to level and logs are always higher in demand than they are in supply. And when you get to level 75 woodcutting you can cut magic logs which sell for 1k each. Willow logs........ 20 - 50 each - requires lvl 30 Maple logs......... 100 - 150 each - requires lvl 45 Yew logs........... 250 - 350 each - requires lvl 60 Magic Logs......... 1k - 1.1k each - requires lvl 75 3.5 Mining Initially the money for this is quite poor with iron however at high levels it generates the most money, it's well worth the effort to getting it to 85 but it's VERY hard work. This skill isn't for people with a short attention span it takes alot of time. Iron ore............ 50 - 100 each - requires lvl 15 Silver ore........... 50 - 200 each - requires lvl 20 Coal............. 100 - 200 each - requires lvl 30 Gold ore............. 100 - 250 each - requires lvl 40 Mithril ore.......... 500 - 700 each - requires lvl 55 Adamantite ore....... 2.5k - 3.5k each - requires lvl 70 Runite ore........... 10k - 12.5k each - requires lvl 85 3.6 Rune Crafting and Magic Essence mining is a quick and sure fire way to earn money, runecrafting is popular so the essence is in high demand. I recommend doing this if you're of the lower level variety of people to get your cash flow started. Runecrafting from essence is a quick money maker, essence is cheap however runes are expensive crafting them into runes in most cases will allow you to go over double what you paid for the essence. Magic is brough into this money making guide as it holds one of the most essential spells for money making thats the level 55 spell called "High Level Alchemy" it converts an item into gold. Being able to do this means you aren't dependant on buying and selling for your source of money. Essence........ 20 - 40 each Air Runes...... 10 - 30 each - requires lvl 1 Mind Runes..... 10 - 20 each - requires lvl 2 Fire Runes..... 15 - 25 each - requires lvl 14 Chaos Runes.... 100 - 200 each - requires lvl 35 Nature Runes... 300 - 400 each - requires lvl 44 Law Runes...... 300 - 1k each - requires lvl 54 3.7 Prayer The skill for prayer itself doesn't make any money but selling the bones require for it brings in a BIG income, higher leveled player pay alot for bones in order to try and get to level 126. Big bones..... 200 - 400 each Baby dragon bones. 500 - 700 each Dragon bones.. 2.5k - 3k each 3.8 Combat In order to make money through combat you need alot of luck in getting drops and alot of patience, rare drops just don't happen (well not for most of us). Also to add to this the harder the creature the better the drop. 3.9 Fishing This is another one of the primary skills that is favoured as food is always in demand from cooks who need to feed the ever hungry pkers. Fishing is a simple skill and for members the popular fishing spots have banks almost next door to the fishing spots. Tuna.......... 50 - 100 each - requires lvl 35 Lobster....... 100 - 200 each - requires lvl 40 Swordfish..... 150 - 300 each - requires lvl 50 Shark......... 500 - 800 each - requires lvl 76 3.10 Cooking Cooking uses the priamary materials of fishing however cooked food has a higher value than raw food, for instance raw shark is 500 - 800 each where as cooked shark is 1k - 1.1k each however with cooking comes burning and you risk making that shark worth omething into a burnt shark that is worthless. Cooked food is always in high demand as pkers can work there way through food scarily fast and before you know it they're back to you with a bag of money wanting more. Lobster....... 150 - 200 each - requires lvl 40 Swordfish..... 200 - 400 each - requires lvl 55 shark......... 1k - 1.1k each - requires lvl 80 3.11 Smithing Smithing is the biggest money maker in the game however to get into that money making band you need 80 smithing and that's easier said than done, in alot of cases smithing doesn't make money however making cannon balls brings in the cash. When you can make and mine runite then your money issues will become a thing of the past even if you don't have a seller rune items alch for alot of money. Cannon Balls.. 150 - 200 each - requires lvl 35 3.12 Herblore Herlore is the most expensive skill and in the end creates small profit but don't let that stop you. Seconds and herbs themselves carry a HIGH price. Unids......... 1k - 3k each - Varies on unid sellers herblore level Guam.......... 100 - 300 each - requires lvl 3 Marentill..... 400 - 700 each - requires lvl 5 Tarromin...... 500 - 1k each - requires lvl 11 Harralander... 1k - 1.1k each - requires lvl 20 Ranarr weed... 3k - 5k each - requires lvl 25 Irit Leaf..... 1.5k - 3k each - requires lvl 40 Avantoe....... 1k - 2k each - requires lvl 48 Kwuarm........ 3k - 4.5k each - requires lvl 54 Cadantine..... 3k - 5k each - requires lvl 65 Lantadyme..... 4k - 6k each - requires lvl 67 Dwarf Weed.... 4k - 5k each - requires lvl 70 Eye of newt... 50 - 200 each unicorn horn.. 400 - 800 each Limpwurt root. 500 - 1k each Spider eggs... 500 - 1k each Chocolate..... 400 - 800 each White Berries. 1k - 2k each Snape Grass... 300 - 700 each Mort Myre Fungi 1k - 2k each Blue scales... 1k - 2k each Wine of Zamorak 1k - 3k each Prayer pots... 3k - 5k each - requires lvl 38 super Sets.... 5k - 10k each - requires lvl 67 Anti fire pots 4k - 7k each - requires lvl 69 Range pots.... 4k - 5k each - requires lvl 72 Magic pots.... 8k - 10k each - requires lvl 76 3.13 Theiving Theiving holds very few methods of making money, you can only make serious money off it if it's done in bulk. There are a few things that are usefull which can be got by theiving e.g. blood and nature chests. However i've known people to earn millions off theiving 'Knights of Ardougne'. 3.14 Fletching and Range Fletching is a good money maker and by far one of the easiest skills to level as you can buy everything needed and break even, which means if you collect one of the raw materials for it you're making a big profit. If you combine fletching with high level alchemy then you'll make a profit and gain exp in fletching and Magic. If you fletch arrows you can get more than you spent on bars back. Range is a good money maker too, it allows you to attack and hit high damage very quickly but cower behind obsticles to stop you getting hurt. And on top of that you can collect over half your arrows after the creature is dead. This means you can be at one npc location for a long time and gain more chance of getting a rare drop at a less cost than mages and meleers. Yew Longs..... alch for 768 each - requires lvl 70 Magic long.... alch for 1536 each - requires lvl 85 Steel Arrows.. 30 - 40 each - requires lvl 30 Mithril Arrows 70 - 80 each - requires lvl 45 Adamant Arrows 100 - 200 each - requires lvl 60 Rune arrows... 350 - 450 each - requires lvl 75 3.15 Slayer Unlike Regular monsters slayer monsters drop, by far, better stuff. For a start in most cases they drop herbs over coins as their most common drop and secondly items that were previosly only obtainable from high level monsters are now obtainable from these critters e.g. dust devil drops dragon chain. They're well worth fighting and they can generate LOTS of income for you. 3.16 Crafting Crafting is difficult to make money on at lower levels and to add to that it's hard to level, but can generate alot of income. Like with fletching you can make items and alchemise it for the majority of the income but at later levels you'll find it's more profitable to sell what you make. Saphirre........... 200 - 500 each Emerald............ 500 - 1k each Ruby............... 1k - 3k each Diamond............ 5k - 7k each Water battlestaff.... Alchs for 9.6k - requires lvl 54 Earth battlestaff..... Alchs for 9.6k - requires lvl 58 Fire battlestaff....... Alchs for 9.6k - requires lvl 62 Air battlestaff........ Alchs for 9.6k - requires lvl 66 Amulet of glory..... 90k - 120k each - requires lvl 80 4 Extra Info 4.1 FAQ Q:Whats "Self Fullfilling Prophecy"? A: Self fullfilling prophecy is where your beliefs and thought of yourself become reality E.G. if you think you're unable to merchant you won't be able to do it. Q: I've tried merchanting and haven't succeeded what am i don't wrong? A: There could be many causes for lack of success; your item may not be in demand, you maybe overpricing it, you may not have spent enough time trying or you could simply be having a spot of bad luck. Q: Can i give this guide to my friend? A: No that is a form of re-distribution, for all we know you could be selling it on. Give your friend the link to the guide so he can obtain it himself. Q: I'm a low level player with a low skill total how can i make millions? A: Simply put you can't, in order to make lots of money at such a low level you either need good skills or have the initial money to begin merchanting. I'm not saying it's impossible i'm just saying it's very difficult to pull off. Q: How can i work out the psychographics of a person? A: There are many ways but the 3 main ways are: Look at what he/she is wearing, watch what they're buying/selling and look at where he/she is on your particular world the further back they are the richer they generally are. Take all these things into consideration and make up you're own mind. 4.2 Updated Info Guide completed 16/05/05 FAQ's Added 17/05/05 Rare's section added to merchanting 17/05/05 2 man scam added to scamming section 20/05/05 4.3 Authors comments This has taken me the good portion of 7 hours to write i hope you all benefit from it. My initial reason for writing it is because of the guides up for sale on EBAY, i'm completely against selling information so this is here to ruin the guide(s) on EBAY and give out the information that they possess for free. I've read some of the guides that friends of mine have bought and quite frankly you don't get your money's worth. So here it is, it's free and it's better than the guides on EBAY. Enjoy it!

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