Welkom bij Flik's memberpage , hier verzamel ik mijn favoriete Bash.org quotes.

@Vacorsis: The universe is racist
@Vacorsis: At night you can see thousands of stars, and none of them are black
@Vacorsis: That's just total bullshit

Serafijn: what's that film with the ship and the ghosts?
Nightchill: Ghostship?
Serafijn: oh yeah

* ToRMeNTeD comes on brazil
Ratty`: ergh
Ratty`: it's all sticky
ToRMeNTeD: you told me to

DrNick668: man, a volvo hit me yesterday
DrNick668: the volvo hit me and it's gunna cost me like 200 bucks or some shit coz it was my fault
Warkha: was it an old person in the volvo?
DrNick668: nah, fat chick
DrNick668: i turned across the traffic and couldn't see her comin
Prozzy: at least the fat chick didn't hit on you, you woulda had to pay another $200 to make her go away
Warkha: or throw food

Sinner: how do you stop a cat from trying to fuck your other cats
gjvc: get in there first

Ron`: My wife doesn't get paid for 2 years
HeroShot: What is she, a whore?
Ron`: Actually, one night I came home and I found 200 dollars on my dresser...
Phrak|t: Damn... she left $400 on mine

pr0k: I could do it when I was like 15, however, the pleasurable sensation of having a mouth on my penis was completely cancalled out by the sensation of having a penis in my mouth.

adam1: my gf supposedly has "issues" with me
Hiroe: Heh, my ex didn't have just a few issues, she had a fuckin *Subscription*

Noctornus:- you know what they say about a guy with small hands......
+Anton: "He doesn't have big hands"?

@Hanky: does anyone in here no if Tupac Shakur still has a web site?
@DCxc: yer he updates it regulary

azathoth: why can't alyssa milano live next door to me, be lonely and need the satisfaction and fullfillment that only a 20 year old computer programmer can provide...
* azathoth shakes his fist at god and goes back to his debugging

anonop: whats your worst sex story?
anon: I'll answer with a one-liner.
anon: It takes a brave man to swim in the Red waters, but it takes a hero to drink from it.

korn yeah: so i got into ITT tech today
possible: what did you have to do?
possible: open the door?
korn: up yours man

Prae: omg
Prae: why the fuck do people put copyright notices ont heir shit
Prae: it takes me long time to remove it :(

[[tom]]: this game is damn addictive...
xcon6: minesweeper?
[[tom]]: final fantasy x
xcon6: same thing

arturo-pain-afk: what makes you think it is?
* Sphinx45 points to the door.
Sphinx45: the sign says so!
arturo-pain-afk: what sign?
arturo-pain-afk: theres no sign
* Nelyx adjusts the "Number of Days without having to deal with an Idiot!" sign, so that it now reads 0

Kazimierz: Dick Van Dyke
Kazimierz: rulez j00
nkrn: D:
AeroBob: Indeed.
AeroBob: D'you know that's not his real name?
AeroBob: It used to be 'Penis van Lesbian' until he changed it 'cause he thought it wasn't suitable for showbusiness.

Pyroman: NEW RULE
Pyroman: No one may have a name that starts with 'No'
Pyroman: It fucks up my nick completion
*** Yukari is now known as NotYukari
*** GigaClonWantstoKickNickServ is now known as NotGigaron
*** NMR is now known as NotNMR
*** DJ_Bytes is now known as NotAlsoDJBY
emphaticallyumopepisdn: You guys are sheep
NotYukari: baa
NotAlsoDJBY: Baaa
NotGigaron: baaa
NotNMR: baaaa

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